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Source: www.ieytc.co.za

The IEYTC was founded in 2014 and is affiliated with the Colorful Yorkshire Terrier Club in Europe THE SAME YEAR, IEYTC & PACE is accepted world-wide. In 2016 IEYTC broaden its horizon after numerous enquiries from breeders of various other breeds. Thus the Pedigree Association for Canine Elites (PACE) was established.

PACE & IEYTC offer a professional pedigree certification of canine ancestry, service to all those who are dedicated, who work together to promote, develop and protect healthy, pure and strong bloodlines of Canine Breeds National & Internationally.

The FIRST registry to affiliate with The Colorful Yorkshire Terrier Club in Europe and being accepted by various other International Registries.

The FIRST Registry to offer the professional data capturing service and accurate lineage corrections by use of an international program introduced into South-Africa by The Registrar, Elle Fernandes Ferreira, from abroad.

Also the FIRST to offer a fully professional pedigree certificate stating all ancestors full information, stating champion and title holders clearly and implementing a registration distinction Variety in the registering of various breeds and clearly indicating COI

Furthemore the FIRST to issue a full 4-generation genealogy as a standard issue and issuing 5-generations where possible

“The International Exotic Yorkshire Terrier Club & Pedigree Association For Canine Elites – Setting the Pace as the Leaders in Canine Genealogy and Pedigree Certification of ALL breeds.”
Breed Standards

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Yorkshire Terrier
Chocolate Yorkshire Terrier
Dark Chocolate Yorkshire Terrier
Golden Yorkshire Terrier
Sable / Ocean Pearl Yorkshire Terrier
Parti Yorkshire Terrier
Chocolate Parti Yorkshire Terrier
Golden Parti Yorkshire Terrier
Adda Yorkshire Terrier / White Ocean Pearl
Biewer Terrier
Biro Yorkshire Terrier
Golddust Yorkshire Terrier
Merle Yorkshire Terrier
Blueberry Yorkshire Terrier
Chocoberry Yorkshire Terrier
Goldberry Yorkshire Terrier
Mulberry Yorkshire Terrier
Blue Diamond

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